You know those things you do that make your wallet cry a little? Makes it whimper in the corner... afraid of the next time you will abuse it? Ya.. this is one of those times of the year! The time for pre-orders.. the time for throwing money at the things you love! Come on in and tell me what your money-sink is! :3

One of mine is.. anime figurines.
Ever since my wife so kindly introduced me to how cool it is to actually own a nice figure... I've been a little.. interested in buying more! Here's the last few that I've got! (With character names, and what show/game they are from.. cause.. who expects people to actually know all that.)

Stay tuned after the figurines for the console pre-order discussion!


  • First up, is Kuroneko. :) An adorable goth-loli from the anime Oreimo.

I jumped into watching this anime a little late, so this one was an ebay (new item) find.. but it wasn't any more expensive than the original price, so... score! :D (I was the only bidder though..) heh.

The next couple SHOULD be a little more familiar with everyone. :)

  • Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword :)

Funny, because the wife is the one that really wanted this..and as the Zelda collector I am, I just couldn't ignore her plea. :D
Plus, I can't wait to see all the crazy things we pose him doing. lol


and finally, another gaming classic!

  • Samus, from the Metroid series. :)

I missed out on the original run of this figure, so I'm glad to have caught it on a re-printing! Just look at how awesome it is! I usually REALLY dislike the joints of figma... but for Samus (and other mech looking things) it really works great.


Anybody else buying up anything cool lately?
Pre-order any next gen consoles? Games?

I've got a handful of games pre-ordered.
-Muramasa: Rebirth
-Project Diva F (finally coming state-side! :D)
-Project X Zone
-Pokemon Y
.. and I think that's about it for games..

I pre-ordered a PS4... a little nervous jumping into the Sony boat, but... considering my love of JRPG's.. it's about time! Though, honestly, I need to look up info on how PS+ works... is there a PS+ family plan? If I play Destiny on the PS4 with the wife (2p, 1 console), do both of our accounts need to be + members? I'm not sure.. but I need to know! haha